Kingcrest International Neighbours

Education is the great equalizer.

Kingcrest International Neighbours is a non-profit organization that began in 1989 as a grassroot compassionate outreach ministry of a small group of people from University Chapel (UBC), who had a heart for newcomers to Canada.

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Who we are

What is our name all about?

Kingcrest International Neighbours is a Christ-centred organization that supports and empowers immigrants, refugees, temporary workers and visitors through English Language Learning (ELL) and community-building.


The ministry originated in Southeast Vancouver area, near Kingcrest Park.


We serve newcomers to Canada from all over the world


We establish genuine relationships by offering programs that meet the needs of newcomers

All are welcome to come, learn, and be loved.


What we offer


English Language

Learner (ELL) Classes

Teaching ELL classes

Giving practical assistance for daily living in North America



Providing a place to build friendships through social activities. Bridging people into local faith communities and introducing people to the Lord Jesus Christ.



Providing referrals and workshops to help newcomers to access necessary services.

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Our impact

What our students say...

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Fall Term

Sept 12 - Nov 21

Tuesday & Thursday

7pm - 9 pm

660 East 51st Avenue, Vancouver, BC


Fee: $100

Material: $50

Our class sizes are kept small to ensure you get an interactive and supportive learning experience

Registration Dates

September 5 & 7

6 pm - 8 pm

In person or by phone

778-903-5767 / 604-327-6262

English Classes

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Register for our Fall session

Registration starts Tues, Sept. 5th & Thurs, Sept. 7th

In person, or by phone

In person classes are Tuesday and Thursday Evenings from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Cost: $100 + $50 for the textbook

Graduation celebration dinner will be in November. Final date to be announced!

Our ministry partners

As this ministry developed, several local churches were challenged by the vision of working together and forming a close partnership in the southeast Vancouver area.

Our partners:

Would you like to get your church involved with Kingcrest?

Contact us, we'd love to chat!

Join Us


Teaching 2 hrs once or twice a week.

Helping with refreshments.

Helping with the graduation dinners.

Helping with the newsletter.

Helping as needed.

Connecting & befriending newcomers.

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Financial Donations for our ministry is what keeps us going. Your donations work toward keeping our vision alive and ensuring that those who cannot afford classes are ensured the opportunity.


Share in KIN's monthly prayer time for students, their families and the ministry.

If you would like more information, please communicate with us.

Family Prayer

Contact us

Kingcrest International Neighbours

660 East 51st Avenue

Vancouver, BC V5X 1C9

604 327 6262 / 778 903 5767

Hours of operation:

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday